Happy little hunny

Because I just got back from zeh long weekend working vacay in Sagada, I have so many kwentos and experiences to share! But since I’m kinda lazy to detail all what I’ve been upto, I shall put it all in bullet form. Teehee!

* Reunited with Nanay Linda!

* Slept in a native Ifugao house in Lalallai

* Jersey Shore Season I = DONE. Now to seasons two, three, four and maybe five! 🙂

21006271* First time to witness a Begnas, an Igorot spiritual tradition. Lucky enough, as my lady boss would say to me because it only happens once in a blue moon. They were in their traditional bahag for men and tapis for women. After calling the spirits in the mountains, they went to proceed to the dap-ayan or bonfire clusters to offer food and wine. Along with the gong and stuff was an all-day all-night spontaneously swaying of hips with arms widely open.

* Picked oranges and lemons at the Orchard Farm.

* Survey, meetings, survey, meetings.

* Wore my Sandugo sandals for zeh first time! 🙂

I lab en layk the serene mountains of Sagada! Whoop whoo! 🙂

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