12 November 2011

Happy birthday, CHAAAAAA! Here are some pictures from my 23rd birthday celebration with my family & friends! Cheers for happy and blessed years! 🙂

The birthday girl with Cuz Laia and Ate Andet and Mommy

Yummy and not-for-high-blood-people seafood platter. Ops, ALLERGIES ALERT!

The Crispy Baka Strips and THE delish gravy!  A must-try omnom nom nom! 🙂

Laia, Ate Andet, Cha, Mommy, Daphne | My lil brother, Julian, missing out my treat!

After my seafood treat with tha family, I rushed to The Mansion where I spent my birthday night with my dudes and dudettes! A happy 23rd celebration is simply cray-cray!

Pansit bilao for long life c/o of my best friend Marj! Freshly cooked just for me! 🙂

Excuse our drunk fez, Marj and Moi

4/7 of the TTS with Marj, Keynet and Jing

With my duuuuuuudddddddddesssssssssss! Yeah baby, yeeeeeaaaaaahhhh!

When TTS and Chegamols unite, definitely a big riot!

I’m so blessed to have all  these wonderful people in my life. You guys make my life worth living!  Now, let us enjoy the ride and carpe diem! Xoxo! 🙂

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