12 November 2011

Happy birthday, CHAAAAAA! Here are some pictures from my 23rd birthday celebration with my family & friends! Cheers for happy and blessed years! 🙂

The birthday girl with Cuz Laia and Ate Andet and Mommy

Yummy and not-for-high-blood-people seafood platter. Ops, ALLERGIES ALERT!

The Crispy Baka Strips and THE delish gravy!  A must-try omnom nom nom! 🙂

Laia, Ate Andet, Cha, Mommy, Daphne | My lil brother, Julian, missing out my treat!

After my seafood treat with tha family, I rushed to The Mansion where I spent my birthday night with my dudes and dudettes! A happy 23rd celebration is simply cray-cray!

Pansit bilao for long life c/o of my best friend Marj! Freshly cooked just for me! 🙂

Excuse our drunk fez, Marj and Moi

4/7 of the TTS with Marj, Keynet and Jing

With my duuuuuuudddddddddesssssssssss! Yeah baby, yeeeeeaaaaaahhhh!

When TTS and Chegamols unite, definitely a big riot!

I’m so blessed to have all  these wonderful people in my life. You guys make my life worth living!  Now, let us enjoy the ride and carpe diem! Xoxo! 🙂

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MAKE A WISH, 11/11/11

@akoysicha tweeted: “Made a wish on 11/11/11, 11:11! I’m feeling all the good vibes and positivity happening today! Yay! 😀 #peace #love #happiness”

Today is 11/11/11 for November 11, 2011. I’m one of those believers slash hopeless romantics who wishes on 11:11. When the clock strikes 11:11, I close my eyes and wish what is in my heart or what I want to happen for the day. Nothing special really, I just find it simply amazing, how one person could make wishes as a sign of hope.

I really can’t remember when I started wishing on 11:11, eyelashes, dandelions, birthday candles, shooting stars, and so on. Others may not understand BUT definitely this belief is something I will always carry with me.

This is random but hey look below. I found a link to know What’s your number? in the world’s current population. I am 5,188,654,205 out of the 7 billion and counting! And since it is 11:11, I am amazed on how I summed up my number! I added one number after another: 5+1+8+8+6+5+4+2+0+5 = 44! Hahaha I thought I’d get 11! Wala lunnngggs! Try yours! 😛

I just posted this because when I took the screenshot, I got 11:11 AM and 11/11/2011!

Yes we all have wishes to make, I hope all our wishes do come true. It may not be now but you’ll never know what our future have in store for each of us! Today happens only once, so let us make everything count! Have a happy 11/11/11! 🙂

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Happy little hunny

Because I just got back from zeh long weekend working vacay in Sagada, I have so many kwentos and experiences to share! But since I’m kinda lazy to detail all what I’ve been upto, I shall put it all in bullet form. Teehee!

* Reunited with Nanay Linda!

* Slept in a native Ifugao house in Lalallai

* Jersey Shore Season I = DONE. Now to seasons two, three, four and maybe five! 🙂

21006271* First time to witness a Begnas, an Igorot spiritual tradition. Lucky enough, as my lady boss would say to me because it only happens once in a blue moon. They were in their traditional bahag for men and tapis for women. After calling the spirits in the mountains, they went to proceed to the dap-ayan or bonfire clusters to offer food and wine. Along with the gong and stuff was an all-day all-night spontaneously swaying of hips with arms widely open.

* Picked oranges and lemons at the Orchard Farm.

* Survey, meetings, survey, meetings.

* Wore my Sandugo sandals for zeh first time! 🙂

I lab en layk the serene mountains of Sagada! Whoop whoo! 🙂

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Unsure Plans

*DRUM ROLLLLL!* Exactly a month before my birthday!!! Now, I’m thinking of having an intimate dinner with my family and refrain from throwing a so-called wasted beerday celebration with friends. Every year since I turned 18, I’ve been having a ‘drunken’ party at home. Mommy cooks yummy dishes, my cousins buy cakes and desserts, and my friends never-failed to attend my celebration to drink and get drunk with me! So sweet.

My 22nd birthday celebration with my TTS (above) and my Beshys (below) 😀

Still, these are just plans for now. Hahaha I love my friends so much that I’m still willing to pull a party for them (ahem if my financial capability permits me) and see them drunk and sober the next day!!! For now, a simple celebration is what I think I like. What is simple in the first place!?! How about a another wasted celebration for my 23rd? Hmm! Ciao! 😀

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Third of Oktubre

WARNING: You will be reading a short and bittersweet note to an ex-boyf. Bow.

Third day of October, not my favorite day of the year. It has been a year and I’d still remember crying my heart out, saying never-ending goodbyes to you, even to the point of begging you, and trying hard to tell myself to move on and be happy. Now, I think I just made the right decision to let go and move on with my life. There’s no looking back, but only facing reality with heads high you know. I never thought I’d feel like this for you, numb and naive. Thank you for letting me realize how painful was loving you and thank God for “initiating” and making the first move to leave my life for good. Act appreciated.

I’m keeping this post kinda short for I do not want to reactivate my feelings for you, oh boy. Seriously, I wish the both of us genuine happiness. After all we’ve been for almost five years in the relationship. You know how much I loved you and I do not want to think that you took me for granted. We both have our shortcomings and hello nobody’s perfect. Let us just leave it that way. Still, I’d like to say THANK YOU for everything – happy and sad memories, kilig and crylaloo moments, and the love and hate relationship we had. I know God has better and greater plans for the two of us, sadly, it wasn’t YOU and I in the end.

From now on, I’m living by this quote: “Don’t cry over the past, it’s gone. Don’t stress about the future, it hasn’t arrived. Live in the present & make it beautiful.” I’m officially ending my breaksary emo-ness today. I just wanna be happy and carefree, and, live my life to the fullest!!! Yaaaaaay! I know surely that someday in this lifetime, it will be my turn – my turn to be loved by the person who I’ll be loving for all my life. 🙂 Let’s do this, Cha! 😀

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S is for SAGADA

I’m finally back from my “Tour de Luzon”, my first experiential working vacation! My current FB status: Missing the mountains and loving the city lights! 🙂 What’s up Manila! ♥

Here are some pictures from my Sagada trip where I stayed for five days. Enjoy!

The house where I stayed, literally at the top of the mountains!!! We have to walk for about fifteen minutes to go down town. I was panting like a horse going up and down! Hihi

Meet Nanay Linda who took care of me in Sagada. She is definitely a good cook, a groovy seller, a loving and patient mother. We spent the chilly mornings and afternoons together – eating breakfasts and walking to Poblacion together, having merienda while we have our chitchats and looking at the scenic pines view from the window. Ahhh, priceless moments.

First meal after my 14 long hours of travelling MNL to SGD! Takaw mode ON! *BURP!*

Revisiting Echo(cho) Valley(ley). Can’t stop myself from shouting out loud (loud loud!) 😀

Hugging the same tree back in 2008! I’m just so giddy here… HUG A TREE. 🙂

Yogurt House is one of the original restaurants in the small village which started serving homemade yogurt to residents and tourists. As its fame grew so did its menu which now serves complete meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner with cocktails for the night owls.”

Manong Mark, a Councilor and my personal Tour Guide, and I treated ourselves a refreshing healthy meal for the day! Looking forward for my delectable dessert – Yogurt!

My Pan-Fried Beef with salad on the side. I ate the whole thing! ‘Twas so yummy I can’t help myself from finishing the plate. Hooray for their large servings of food! Thumbs up!

I had my yogurt in P-L-A-I-N. Hah ’twas so PURE I din’t finish my dessert! Umay alert BUT I was lucky I ordered it plain lang. I hope they serve it chilled, guess that would be much better to munch on. I was eating half of it for about an hour! Hihi

“The traditional Dream Catcher was intended to protect the sleeping individual from negative dreams, while letting positive dreams through. The positive dreams would slip through the hole in the center of the dream catcher, and glide down the feathers to the sleeping person below. The negative dreams would get caught up in the web, and expire when the first rays of the sun struck them.” Photo above taken by yours truly. 🙂

To sum all, I’ve had a very fulfilling stay in Sagada. Working vacation actually. I was in tears inside the bus as I left Nanay Linda and my haven for days. I can’t wait to go back sometime in December this year! *Crossing my fingers!*

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My 1st Coastal Clean-Up Activity

Celebrated 17th of September by joining a Coastal Clean-Up and Mangrove Planting in Barangay Tabing Ilog, Samal, Bataan! Feels great to do something for the environment. 🙂

Coca Cola Foundation’s catchy ICC slogan: PICK IT UP. CLEAN IT UP. SEA CHANGE!

Mangrove is an integral part of the coastal environment as it protects the shorelines from erosion and provides primary production and provision of nursery habitat for marine creatures. It also helps the climate by restoring carbon and protects people from disasters like storms and tsunamis! See what a mangrove ecosystem can do.  They can do A LOT.

So plant mangroves now… THEY ARE WORTH IT… (Excuse my GPOY below. Hihihi!)

Posing like a Bb. Pilipinas Candidate while planting a baby mangrove. DOING MY PART.

Fifty year old mangroves, look how tall they are! No justice in this photo, gorg in actual.

Trash were all over the coast! Here ya go, sacks and sacks and sacks of trash cleaned up! I’m happy that I attended the activity and joined thousands of people simultaneously clean coasts all over the world! Thus I say, by doing simple things in your little way could help Mother Earth happy! 🙂

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